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When I first stepped foot into GoWags Training Center 2 years ago and met Kyle Wagner he was in the middle of a giving a lesson. Within minutes of introducing myself, Wags pulled me into the cage and asked me to take some video of the kid he was working with. If you’ve been around GoWags long enough, I’m sure the “mad scientist” has asked you to do the same once or twice! I was immediately engaged and intrigued with how this dude taught the game of baseball. The passion, energy, & enthusiasm he exuded was contagious and his ability to deliver a message to young ball players was something I had never seen before. He was honest but encouraging & that is what I valued most. At the conclusion of the lesson, we talked baseball for a little while before I asked him if there was an opportunity for employment at GoWags. His response was very clear & precise – “Are you willing teach? Are you willing to learn? You know a little about baseball?” From that moment on, I knew exactly what type of culture surrounded this place. I was all in and ready to contribute my knowledge & experience to the athletes in Central PA.

A few days after meeting Coach Wags, I found out that he had a twin brother and that just sealed the deal! I met Bret Wagner about a week after my arrival to GoWags. A complete fountain of knowledge – I watched this dude walk into GoWags and head straight to the weight room every day at 3:00pm for the first few months I was there. He would come through the door and greet me with “Whatsup Swanny!?!?” and then make a beeline right to the bathroom to change out of his work clothes and into his gym clothes. He wasted no time! I would sit behind the desk and wait for my lessons to start while grabbing a quick bite of food after teaching kindergarten all day and every once in a while I would shout over the wall “You good in there Bret!?” Out of breathe and completely deflated, his response sounded something along the lines of this “Oh Yea! I think this is going to work for the boys”. Point is…..This dude had a purpose. Everything he did had a purpose and was always done with the athletes' of GoWags best interest in mind.

“Culture drives expectations and beliefs; expectations and beliefs drive behavior; behavior drives habits; and habits create the future. It all starts with Culture” - Jon Gordon

I was 2 years out of college and had just moved to the Central PA area. I bought a house in Mechanicsburg with my beautiful wife Maddy and was excited to start a new chapter of my life. About 10 minutes after my arrival to PA, I got on the computer and started searching for local indoor baseball facilities – I was eager to learn and hungry to get involved with the local baseball community. Never would I imagine walking into a place like GoWags and now 2 years later being in a position where I am writing a blog about the purchase of the company and the creation of a new brand & business model under the new FullReps Training Center. The Wagner Brothers gave me an opportunity and that is simply what FullReps is all about – A Place of Opportunity.

Coaching is the universal language of change & learning and that is why I am thrilled to continue to be a part of young athletes' development. Over the past 3 years I have met some amazing families, made some lifelong friends, and trained a ton of athletes that I now call my little brothers. I’d like to think that I have influenced and helped GoWags & the Wagner brothers provide more opportunities for the athletes in our area. More importantly, I’d like to think that my ability to connect & impact the lives of young athletes is what is valued most amongst the baseball community in PA. My goal since day 1 has always been to bring more greatness to the already awesome GoWags Training Facility – A vision that would allow us to continue to develop athletes of all ages and provide even more resources to prepare them for the next level of baseball & more importantly….LIFE!



Since the purchase in June, FRTC has hit the ground running and we couldn't be happier with the programs our staff has implemented. We have hired a Director of Athletic Performance Development, a Director of Arm Care Development, a Director of Multi Media & Marketing, and a Front Office Administrator. We have ran new In-Season Training Programs & Summer Prep Camps for H.S athletes. We have welcomed NY Yankees Hitting Coach Alan Cockrell to our facility for a weekend clinic. We have implemented a world class Arm Care & Athletic Performance Development Program, as well as successfully launching our College Winter Arm Care Program. We have also introduced several new clinics and classes across age ranges that are all rooted in differential learning & player development.

"Our staff has really taken the time to approach everything we do from the Macro level (developing strong relationships, recognizing individuality & motor learning capabilities, implementing programs that are designed to help athletes succeed in life not just baseball Etc.) and by doing so we have started to create that "winning" culture on

both the baseball & business side of FullReps" - Coach Ezra

We are also excited to report that we have continued on our journey of seeking new resources of education and training in the baseball world. Our Directors of Programming just returned home from a weekend long trip to Indianapolis where they attended the American Baseball Coaches Association Annual Convention. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with some of the biggest names in baseball training including Marc Pro, Rapsodo Baseball, HitTrax in an effort to provide the best resources for our athletes & families.



The new GoWags Teams Organization that set out to create its own identity during the purchase of the company is now thriving under the new nonprofit 501c3 (GoWags Teams Inc.) and is recognized as a completely separate entity from FRTC.

The GoWags Teams non-profit organization was established to separate the model of running teams out of the training facility in order to allow fundraising efforts to begin. Through these efforts, the organization can achieve it's goals of subsidizing the cost for players, and providing more training opportunities & resources that contribute to the continuing education of coaches and development of players.

The initiative to run both businesses as completely separate entities was also a way to keep "the main thing the main thing" (Teams Teams & Training Training) and this model is allowing both organizations to succeed! Both FullReps and the GoWags organization have made tremendous strides in accomplishing their respective goals and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Additionally, FullReps Training Center is now home to not only the GoWags teams organization but also to the Mid-Atlantic Red Sox, PA Avalanche, Gold Coast Hurricanes, Upper Allen Travel, TNT Softball, Cedar Cliff H.S, Red Land H.S ,Trinity H.S. & many more!



New 20,000 sq foot facility On Deck For Carlisle PA this Summer!

Our new facility is underway and projected to open this summer! (Click Here To Read Article).

We are extremely confident that FullReps Training Center will continue to grow, develop and provide the highest quality of training in the Northeast and you can rest assured that FullReps will continue to be Central PA’s premier indoor training center – A place of opportunity for athletes who are willing to Dream Big. Work Hard & Stay Humble.

“Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Its GO TIME! We are extremely grateful to continue this process & further elevate the FullReps experience for all of our athletes.

Thank you again for your continued loyalty and support. On behalf of our staff at FRTC, we look forward to keeping the torch lit!



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