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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

FullReps has been working with Major League organizations and Collegiate programs since 2017. Our custom team services offer coaches and players the most flexibility and are tailored to provide your organization with unparalleled attention and care from our team.

Implementing change organization-wide can be very difficult. This is why we offer a custom built player development plan, where our team is hired directly and acts as a coordinator-level authority on training your players. Our team will help develop your organization’s pitching programming with full integration into your athletic training and S&C programs. We will also work alongside your existing coaches to build a player development system that best fits your organization’s needs. 

Our team services are geared towards helping teams become independent by providing them access to their performance data and the tools to interpret it. Our comprehensive assessment process utilizes gold standard technologies in combination with our team's hands on experience & knowledge to capture a complete profile of your players movement efficiency, sequencing & body segmentation. This process educates our team on the next best steps to help bridge the gap and assist you in developing your players to their fullest potential.

Our team will travel to your complex, campus, or affiliates and use our mobile assessment process to generate a holistic view on your players before the season starts. Based on the assessment findings and data, we will include a proprietary and complete report per player analyzed.

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN team services? 


    • Video Analysis

    • Mechanical efficiency screenings

    • Pitch design & analysis using Rapsodo, Edgertronic and other technology tools

    • Rapsodo ball metric analysis

    • 3D pitch potentials, comparisons, spin visualizations & arsenals

    • Edgertronic overlays

    • Implementation and on-boarding of customized throwing & lifting programs


    • Individualized warm up, throwing & strength programming 

    • Individualized mobility & recovery correctives

    • Individualized synergy & sequencing progressions

    • Power building circuits

Lastly, we understand that some professional organizations/colleges may require more or less of a customized training protocol to suit their practice time constraints & meet their developmental needs. With that said, all team services & pricing are subject to change following a consultation with the coaching staff.


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