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Here at FRTC, our systematic approach to managing data driven training programs for elite athletes has helped save many careers and prepared athletes for their long and sometimes grueling seasons. Our teams creative application of our hands on comprehensive assessment, programming & recovery process - backed with leading edge science, technology & data, has provided us with the tools to better assess the nuances of complex movements. In return, this has allowed us to put together actionable player development plans that has resulted in the unparalleled success of our athletes.



All of our player development services are tailored to provide athletes with unparalleled attention and care from our high performance coaches and medical staff. All services are geared towards helping athletes become independent by giving them access to their performance data — and the tools to interpret it. Our assessment process utilizes gold standard technologies in combination with our teams experience & knowledge to generate a holistic view of an athlete’s performance. Based on all assessment findings and data, we will include a complete reports that will allow our team to build out an athlete's custom programming. These packages also include hands on program implementations, daily programming & on floor training and player development profiles to assist our athletes in developing to their fullest potential. Player development profiles will allow our athletes to view daily training schedules, velocity tracking sheets, weekly coaches’ notes, exercise video databases, weekly rapsodo videos & bullpen report analysis, pitch development & analysis platforms and pitch overlays & potentials software.

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