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FullReps Training Center is a year round Player Development Training & Research Facility located in Central PA. But guess what? If it were only about teaching & developing monster athletes, we wouldn't be here! Here at FRTC, we pride ourselves in developing good people, not just good baseball players. We attack everyday with the intention to become the best version of ourselves and teach our dudes to not only be passionate about things they are good at, but to be passionate about things that others are good at!


We specialize in Arm Care, Hitting, Athletic Performance Training & Physical Therapy. Our FullReps team is constantly researching & developing new methods to better enhance the development & performance of our athletes. We believe that development begins with a passion to be your best, fostered by coaches who are educated in baseball's best practices.  We strive constantly to teach implicitly so our athletes are free moving, dynamic & self organized. FullReps believes in the potential of the athlete but embraces the present day as a gift not to be wasted.

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