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Who Am I On Track To Be?

A Letter to Athletes

Growth is always non-linear, and accepting the ups and downs is essential. I have met very few baseball players who do not struggle MULTIPLE times a year and surely even more throughout their careers. Whether physical or mental, the obstacles are coming!

Far too often I see athletes coast through the good times. Maybe they skip a lift one week or maybe they skip their arm care one day each week. 

Friday night beers? It’s only one day a week, right? Only to try and nail down a routine when things start to go south. IT'S TOO LATE! 

Without a plan or routine, how do you know what changes to make? What tweaks are needed? Being obsessed with your process gives hope when you find yourself in a deep deep valley. When all looks hopeless your habits and routines are all you have to fall back on. 

Example of FRTC programming/routine

The struggle days are the game changers. They separate the boys and men. Working hard is a requirement for success but going above and beyond is


Talent and work fall on a spectrum, success is created at a different point for each. Not many have enough talent NOT to go above and beyond. These athletes are boring. Showing up when EVERY cell in your body is telling you not to is impressive. Knowing you may not have the raw ability but do have the drive will always prove more valuable over time

We are all in the process of becoming, but ask yourself, Who am I on track to be?


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