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When it comes to developing optimal movement for athletes, you can’t

just represent the way that you think the human body & mechanics work. Human beings tend to interpret everything we experience though our own mental maps - making it very easy to draw conclusions and convince the athlete, parent & yourself that you know what you’re talking about.

Richard Feynman, American theoretical physicist, known for his work in the path of integral formulation of quantum physics, quantum electrodynamics, physics of the superfluidity etc. says it best...

"The first principal is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool"

Such an approach will not produce results for your athletes and will only lower client retention rates. So how do you represent how the human body and mechanics actually work!? You use a combination of an extraordinary powerful set of tools, research, knowledge, qualified trainers & data that can reliably assess a thicket of information and allow you to develop an actionable plan! Let's be real..... there is nothing like the sheer power of #’s to wash away layers of confusion and contradiction.


But what good are all of these tools if you can't make a complex DECISION!?!?

What I’ve learned over the years is that the easiest part of the process will always be the "hard stuff" (in depth programming, assessments, analyzing analytic reports etc. On the contrary, the hardest part of the process will always be the "easy stuff" (simplifying and making an actual decision).

When it comes down to making the decision on which road a specific athlete should take in regards to his training, most coaches fail. They do whats safe and easier to manage and put together a cookie cutter approach plan that they think can be implemented across the board!

This might work for some. But for most, it fails!

Individualizing programs really doesn’t take too much thought when you do your due diligence and have a general understanding of the athletes individual needs/wants, movement related inefficiencies, physical constraints, proper stress response cycles etc.


So, lets say you have enough of the "needed" information...

So, lets say you have enough of the "needed" information to start to build out an athletes individual program. Why do so many coaches still take a cookie cutter approach!?

The hard part of this all lies in the actual process of having to make a “Decision” that could potentially affect the outcome of an athletes career. It’s why so many coaches take a high level case and err on the side of caution with no progressive programming. In other words, they do the absolute minimum due to the fact that they do not want to be responsible if they do something .and that athlete gets hurt (welcome to Player Development at the Major League level)

At the end of the day, you just really have to stop, think and ask yourself not what would would happen if you did put together a program for a high level athlete and he got hurt but rather what what would happen if you DIDN’T???

As, I always like to say, making complex decisions is hard because there is always going to be some level of uncertainty. This falls under the same philosophy & mindset as the advice that my friend and Owner of Driveline Baseball, Kyle Boddy gave me the other day...”All choices that matter will be made with incomplete information”.

When answers can’t be found, and information is incomplete, you need to ask more questions, be willing to adapt and simply rely on and trust your current programming skills, knowledge, precise communication. and take full ownership of that athletes program & career. This means all of his successes & failures - whether he sees huge gains or he blows out.

Coaches that decide to take a chance, challenge conventional wisdom and constantly challenge themselves on what they could be wrong about rather than what they are right about will have a long career in this industry!



As always, our team of qualified trainers at FullReps are always willing to help! if you have any questions in regards to starting up a player development program or managing an athletes player development, feel free to drop us an email

Thanks again for the continued loyalty & support and wishing everyone a healthy and productive summer season!

# A L W A Y S R E P P I N '


Scott Swanson // Founder, Director of Player Development FullReps Training Center



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