Bob completed his undergraduate and Doctor of Physical Therapy schooling at Slippery Rock University. He has specialized in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports performance training for over fifteen years. In 2008 he helped found GoWags Baseball Training Center in Camp Hill, and is excited to come full circle to serve as a regular and integral part of the community at Full Reps Training Center.

Bob resides in Mechanicsburg with his wife and five children. He loves attending the athletic events of his kids and the local athletes that he works with. He also enjoys fishing, mountain biking, and heavy work under the barbell!

He blogs on physical rehabilitation and sports performance at gosportsperformance.net

Fax Number: (717) 761-2721

Email Address: BobG@fullrepstraining.com

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Certified MDT "McKenzie" Mechanical

  • Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Certified Pedorthist


The mission of Dr. Gorinski is to help physically active people of all ages and interests to achieve the most resilient, best performing version of themselves on the athletic field and in life.




In baseball, part of a hitters swing in which they can make best contact with the ball. A pitch in your wheelhouse is right where you want it; where you have the best chance of hitting it "out of the park."

If you (or your child) already took the standard two weeks rest from activity, and the problem quickly resurfaced, you're right in my wheelhouse.

If you still love getting after it, trying to train and compete, not yet willing to swallow "Just quit," you're right in my wheelhouse.  

If you have been told something about your X-ray or MRI, but the story doesn't quite hold up, you need a thorough mechanical (movement based) assessment. You're right in my wheelhouse.

If you already attended vanilla physical therapy with mediocre results, you may benefit from someone who can -truly- bridge the gap between rehabilitation and sports performance training. You're right in my wheelhouse.

If you signed up for "big medicine" physical therapy and was given little time or attention from an actual physical therapist, you're in my wheelhouse.


**All clients must schedule an Initial Evaluation before being treated for PT appointments (30/60 Min Treatments)

**All clients must schedule an FMS before signing up for personal training classes


 hands-on work to get you functioning back to where you were, and then some!


Every human body is only as strong as it's weakest link! This is where we find it.

Speed mobs

30 minute sessions of targeted soft tissue work. Physical Therapists make great massage therapists


Customized sports specific, athlete specific, small group training. 

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