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​Physical therapy includes a detailed orthopedic evaluation of the problem area and all inter-related parts, manual therapy (joint manipulation techniques, soft tissue work) and a progressive exercise program. We design a progressive and incremental exercise program that reinforces the hands-on work and gets you functioning back to where you were, and then some! Patients working with me typically attend one to two visits per week for three to four weeks, but this does vary depending on the nature of the problem.

**Most health insurance companies will reimburse a portion of your physical therapy fees. Please read our INSURANCE BENEFITS WORKSHEET if you have questions about submitting your claim with us as an Out Of Network Provider**

**All clients must schedule an Initial Evaluation before being treated for follow up appointments. (30/60 Min Treatments)

Pricing/scheduling details


Initial Evaluation:  $85 

30 Minute Treatment $35 


60 Minute Treatment: $65 


Please click on the "Schedule Now" button above to purchase & schedule your Initial Evalution & follow up PT Treatments using our online scheduling system. You can view schedule availability by clicking on the link below or by visiting the bottom of our PT Home Page for Clinic Hours. For more information in regards to pricing, scheduling or services please fill out the Contact Form on our Home Page,

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