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Sports specific, athlete specific, with long-term development and a love for the process in mind, building athletes up without breaking them down! I currently work with professional athletes, weekend warriors, and elderly clients with multiple diagnoses. In all instances, my goal is to empower and educate you on the best ways to reach new heights of physical performance and to care for your body through the rigors of life. You should be able to function independently as an expert on your body and what you need to do to improve and maintain it. I highly recommend scheduling an FMS where will go over goals, training history, injury history, movement quality, performance tests, and discuss what inspires us and our other preferences. I operate in a semi-private format, coaching 4-6 athletes at a time where everyone is working off of their own individualized program.


10 Training Sessions: $275 

(All Training Classes are 1 Hr 15 Min.)


Please click on the "Schedule Now" button below to purchase & schedule your Personal Training Sessions using our online scheduling system. You can view schedule availability by clicking on the link below or by visiting the bottom of our PT Home Page for Clinic Hours. For more information in regards to pricing, scheduling or services please fill out the Contact Form on our Home Page.

**All clients must schedule an Initial FMS before scheduling training sessions.

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