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Pitching Coordinator and Lead Trainer

Nat grew up in a small town in Northeastern PA and had a strong passion for playing baseball.  During his time playing baseball in high school, he traveled to the Texas Baseball Ranch in Houston. During his training Nat really fell in love for the development side of baseball.

Throughout college, Nat would experiment with different throwing programs and training principles.  He later wrote his own throwing and development program which helped him to break 90mph.

In 2019, Nat underwent Tommy John surgery and also suffered a shoulder injury.  He went through a rigorous rehab but was never able to get back to where he was. Instead, Nat got first hand experience dealing with the setbacks of injuries.  Those setbacks fueled his fire to help others reach their performance goals. 

Nat previously worked as a Performance Coach at Epic Sports Biomechanics in Newtown, PA. He led on-floor training protocols, and bridged the gap between technology and athlete communication.  Nat executed programming, assisted in MOCAP movement reports and pitch design analysis for high school, college, and professional pitchers. Nat was also the Pitching Coordinator and Instructor for both the Powerballers organization and The Park in Bethlehem, PA.


Nat’s passion resides with the FullReps motto “Athlete Experience”. His own history with development, rehabbing injuries, and execution of numerous remote training programs, has given him a keen eye and forward thinking approach to the wants and needs of all our FullReps athletes.  


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