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Dennis Snyder

Youth Development

Dennis has always loved the game of baseball from an early age to the present day.  A former FullReps trainee and participant of the Arm Care program at FullReps for over 10 years, Dennis has seen himself grow as a player and person through the FullReps family.


Playing at the Division 1 level for 3 years at Mount St. Mary’s University then for a year at division 3 Messiah University, Dennis has had the opportunity to play with, against, and be coached by numerous past and present MLB players. Since his graduation in 2023, Dennis takes pride in passing along his knowledge and experience to the players he coaches.


Working as a youth development instructor at the facility, Dennis finds passion in bettering the players he coaches, building personal relationships, and continuing to help our youth athletes grow and learn the game of baseball in a supportive yet competitive environment.

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