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On-floor Trainer / Youth Development

Sam began his collegiate career at Cecil College where he experienced his fair share of setbacks due to injuries, but still managed to accumulate an 11.35 K/9 across 102.2 innings in 2 years.  Following his Juco career, Sam travelled south and spent 2018 playing at the University of Montevallo in Alabama.

After the 2018 season, Sam wanted to explore and learn as much as he could in the field of player development. Sam trained with Driveline baseball and Tread athletics before finally joining FullReps's in late 2021. Training solely as an athlete for nearly a year, Sam went from averaging an inconsistent 88-93mph, to a more consistent 90-94mph with a new peak velocity of 96 mph.


In early 2022, he joined the Fullreps staff where he began helping other athletes in their own personal development, and is also a great mentor in our youth programs.

Over the course of his training, Sam has gained invaluable experiences and knowledge on athlete development and pitch design that have equipped him with the ability to both create and guide athletes through their development plans, as well as help them refine their pitching arsenals.

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