FullReps Training Center is a year round Player Development Training & Research Facility located in Central PA. But guess what? If it were only about teaching & developing monster athletes, we wouldn't be here! 


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FullReps Training Center

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Here at FRTC, we are dedicated to providing the best resources to guide our players development. We understand that the best results come from athletes who train over longer periods of time and accept nonlinearities in their training development. FRTC holds various clinics throughout the year and these clinics are meant to be instructional, while also providing a fun experience for your 7–12 year old child. Our programs are not limited to but usually include 5 Tool Training. We will also run advanced programs for older players (13-18) that are skill specific clinics. If you're interested in registering for one of our FullReps Clinics, please use the drop down menu under the "Clinics" tab to sign up today and view all clinic details & pricing information

For more information regarding FullReps Clinics, please contact our support team at support@fullrepstraining.com